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Coffeeangel's In-Store Loyalty Program
Coffeeangel's In-Store Loyalty Program

Earn points on all your favourite in-store food and beverage purchases...

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Saying "Thanks" to our regular customers with an easy to earn and redeem rewards program

Enrolling could not be easier. To enrol now and start earning reward points on all future in-store food, beverage and retail coffee purchases simply click the link below:

If you would prefer to enrol on your next store visit just follow these steps:

  1. Once your purchase has been completed - and you have has passed the receipt screen - you will reach the Loyalty screen on the customer display. Simply enter your mobile phone number to register.

  2. You'll then receive an SMS confirming you have been enrolled and, if applicable, the number of points earned, along with a link to view your loyalty program status.

  3. If you have paid using a credit card or mobile device, this card / device will automatically be linked to your new loyalty account. And each time your pay using this card / device your loyalty points will automatically be added to your account 🀯

  4. If you have paid using cash, you will need to enter the same mobile phone number used to register to accrue points either before or after future purchases.

Earning Loyalty Points

Loyalty reward points are awarded for all beverage, food and retail coffee purchases.

  • 5 points are accrued every €1 spent (on beverages, food and retail coffee) - equating to 5% back

  • 100 points = €1.00

  • You will need to create a personal loyalty account - see above - in order to collect points on in-store purchases

  • If you have linked your credit card or mobile device to your loyalty account, points will be earned each time you use the payment method (NOTE multiple cards can be added to your account - just let one our our team know or message us here).

  • If you normally pay by cash, you must enter your phone number on the customer display before paying. Points can not be added to your account after the payment has been completed.

  • Loyalty Points are ONLY ACCRUABLE on in-store purchases i.e. they NOT ACCRUABLE or REDEEMABLE for online purchases at

Redeeming Loyalty Points

  • Loyalty points can be redeemed on ANY in-store purchase.

  • You must enter you phone number on the customer-facing screen before paying in order to view your available rewards and - if you wish - apply these to your purchase

Checking Your Loyalty Status

Simply click the link below to visit your Loyalty Status page and then enter the mobile phone number used when registering. You will receive an SMS verification code in order to validate your details.

Once your details have been verified, you will be presented with your points balance and the rewards available for redemption. See example below:


  • Points expire 12 months after earning, on the last day of the month.

  • Loyalty points are not redeemable for cash,

  • Multiple credit cards can be added to your loyalty account. Please notify our in-store team if you wish to add a card to your account. Your registered mobile phone number will be required,

  • Please let our in-store team know if you wish to update or change the mobile phone number registered to your loyalty account. Your originally registered, mobile phone number will be required,

  • Unlink a credit card from your loyalty account by using the Check Now button (and Account tab) via the link above.

Thanks for the continued support. Hope this helps! Karl. πŸ˜‡

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