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Corporate Credit Account (CCA)

Can I set up an credit account for our office and pay monthly?

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If you are ordering regularly - whether it is Office Catering or daily in-store visits - we are happy to offer approved customers the convenience of payment by GoCardless Direct Debit.

Payment terms via our Direct Debit facility are 14 days after month end.


Once your direct debit has been set up and authorised, you will receive instructions on checking out of our dedicated Office Catering eCommerce portal seamlessly (launching soon).


Again, once your direct debit has been set up and authorised, operationally providing Credit to you and/or your team pretty simple.

But it does require a certain level of trust - i.e. that your team lets our guys know that they're from 'ABC Company' when ordering. And that your team doesn't take advantage of your generosity. It would be problematic for us to police what you / your team spends from one day to the next.

Secondly, our till system can generate a monthly invoice with a VAT breakdown. But it is a little rudimentary on th transaction details. We can print individual transaction receipts at the point of ordering and give to the purchaser if you require that level of daily oversight.

With the CCA you / your team would be unable to use the Loyalty App but we would set up an automatic 5% discount that would be applied to all food and beverage purchases. (If you or your team do have any credit on the Loyalty App, I would suggest spending it prior to going live with the CCA.)

It's also important to note that this account would have to be shop specific. Your credit account would only be set up in one of our locations...

In both instances above, invoices would be issued at month end with the balanced owed collected a couple of weeks after the invoice is issued. If you have any questions on either of these options or wish to proceed with a CCA, please email with your details and we will get back to ASAP.

To securely set up and authorise your monthly GoCardless direct debit with Coffeeangel, please click here.

Hope this helps! Karl.

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