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Coffeeangel eGift Cards

Digital gift cards redeemable for online purchases at

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Coffeeangel eGift Cards can be sent virtually to recipients with a personalised message and can then be easily redeemed online at

Purchasing a Coffeeangel eGift Card

Buyers can choose an image that will be sent with the gift card, write a personal message and schedule it to be sent at a later date.

You can add your own personal touch to the gift, making it feel more special. The date field can also be used to avoid embarrassment by ensuring your gift arrives on time and on the right day!

The Coffeeangel Gift Card receiving experience

The recipient of your gift card will receive a stylish and branded email. When opening the email, they will be directed to their greeting card, where they will see the image and the message sent by their loved one.

Receivers can then enter the gift card code immediately when checking out at They can also save the gift card code to their Apple Wallet for future use. Or create a Coffeeangel Customer Account and then add the value of the gift card to Store Credit where it will be saved for when they need it next.

Please note digital eGift cards are NOT redeemable for "in-store" purchases. Should you wish to purchase a gift card that is redeemable in our physical shops, please visit here.

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