Collecting and redeeming loyalty points in-store should be a seamless process. To ensure this, we would highly recommend customers save our web app to their phone's home screen for easy access when visiting.

  1. Simply access our web app by clicking the button or by scanning the QR Code below. * If using an iPhone, we would suggest opening the link below using the Safari browser

  2. Our web app is not listed in Apple or Google App stores so, please use the links below to access and add to your mobile device

  1. Once the web app has loaded, press your phone's "share icon" on the bottom of the screen (example below from an iPhone using Safari)

  2. Scroll to locate the Add to Home Screen option

  3. Press the Add to Home Screen button and change the default name from "Hybrid Direct" to "Coffeeangel". And then select Add from the top right hand corner (on an iPhone).

  4. You will now find a convenient link to our Loyalty App added to your phone's home screen

With the Coffeeangel Loyalty App now easily accessible on your device, it will be easy to collect and/or redeem points in-store


  • 100 points = €1.00

  • 5 points are available with every €1 spent - equating to 5% back

  • You will need to create a personal account in order to collect points on in-store purchases

  • Points are accruable on ALL items purchased in-store.

  • Loyalty Points are ONLY ACCRUABLE on in-store purchases i.e. they NOT ACCRUABLE, REDEEMABLE or TRANSFERRABLE for online purchases

  • You must open and present the Loyalty page on the app before paying in order for the points to be credited to your account. Points can not be added after payment.

  • In order to redeem points in-store your personal account must be verified. Please select the Account tab on the home page of the app to confirm if your account has been verified.

For further information on the features of our new web app, please visit here

Hope this helps! Karl. 😇

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