Hi and sincere apologies you are having issues with checkout.

I've just checked through our backend and it appears as if the order did not successfully complete - which is why you never received any payment / order confirmation and we didn't receive any details on the order at our end. 

I've also just checked the payment logs in Stripe, our payment gateway, and found that your payment was un-captured although it may still appear as pending at your end.

Please rest assured the funds were definitely not taken from your account, and I'm told it may take several hours / days for this transaction to disappear from your account log.

We've had several issues with card transactions from some banks / providers ever since the EU introduced the new SCA protocols back in Sept 2019.
These include Revolut, N26 and other pre-pay credit or debit cards.
Revolut seems to be the card that causes the most issues when attempting to Checkout. We are not exactly sure why, but our web developers are advising it has to do with new security protocols imposed by the EU.

Could I suggest giving it another try, perhaps using a different CC? 

If that does not work, just let me know.


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